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Commercial Management
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We tailor our services to your specific business needs now, and for your future.
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Commercial Management

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 'Together, creating successful business partnerships'

We tailor our services to your specific business needs now, and for your future.

•  We pride ourselves on managing quality business connections "the right Tenant for the right Landlord, in the right business space"

• We actively listen, so we can communicate effectively and transparently

• We deliver results, with experience and integrity

• We create opportunities for successful outcomes

• We drive business solutions through support and activity

• We solve complex issues with proactive action

• We engage highly qualified and trusted legal and financial professionals

• We engage trusted experienced tradespeople

• We manage all reporting

• We protect your legal obligations

• We are confidential

Why Homburg?

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from engaging the most reputable service orientated company of Real Estate specialists. We listen to your needs.

• We thrive on integrity and our 'Can-Do' approach

• We take responsibility

• We specialise in local business knowledge

• Have broad reacting networks of business connections

• We pride ourselves on efficient systems and up to date processes to deliver the highest standard of detail

• We offer qualified and continually developed staff

• We offer a wealth of experience in every aspect of Real Estate

• We offer a comprehensive and efficient service approach

• We value our experienced, capable and stable staff team environment

• Specialise in using local trades and services of the highest standard, to create efficiencies in problem solving

• Benefit from the largest database of active and registered Tenants in the local market place

• Real people with great work ethic

• Over 700 years of experience in the local market and thriving

• We enjoy and value our work

Our Focus

Just as every business is different, so too are the spaces we offer. We understand that each of our businesses requires specific criteria to operate efficiently.

Our philosophies are simple:

• Offer 'Can-Do' approach

• To establish and develop mutually beneficial business relationships

• To take responsibility and accountability of our work

• To do what we say we will do, through communication directly with you

• Offer the greatest business solutions

• Offer the highest standards of professional advice

• Offer a complete range of opportunities

• To act with your best interest and needs in mind

We understand what you, the Landlord wants and needs from the management of your property:

• You want to develop a reliable, efficient and trusting relationship with Andrew

• You want to know the best Tenant possible is operating from your premises

• You want to know the business is maintained under the watchful eye of Andrew

• You want to access your business records

• You want to be assured that the business is paying their rent

• You want to be comfortable in the knowledge that Andrew is acting within the current Retail Commercial Leasing Act 1995

• You want to choose the extent of involvement you have in managing your tenant and premises

• You want to know that the future of the building is being maintained through proper inspection

• You want to know that is any major works were intended to improve your building, that Andrew offers comprehensive project management