How to change to Homburg Real Estate

Making the decision to have your investment property managed by Homburg Real Estate professional property managers couldn’t be easier!

With another agent?

Out of agreement (which means your current management agreement has expired) or general agency managements can switch to Homburg Real Estate by simply terminating their existing management in writing. Once the letter has been addressed and signed by you, we will do the rest.

You will not have to call your current agency or communicate with them in any way if you don’t want to.

We will forward the termination document you have signed on your behalf to your current agency and make arrangements to collect all of your files, keys and other necessary documents.

We will send you a Homburg Real Estate Management Agreement to you for signing, once you have signed it and returned it to us, you will start to experience the difference 100 years of Real Estate tradition can offer.

Where your property management is under a fixed management period, we may still be able to help. Give one of our friendly Homburg team members a call to discuss your management options.

Managing your property yourself?

Simply call us. We would be happy to give you a current market appraisal and discuss the advantages of the Homburg Property Management experience with you.

Let us help you. With 100 years of Real Estate tradition servicing the Barossa Valley and a clear focus on our clients needs, what do you have to lose!