Buyers Agent

You can enjoy the much higher returns available from commercial property if you have access to the right real estate buyers’ agent. Homburg Real Estate is the leading commercial property buyers’ agents in the Barossa Valley and have an agent specialising in commercial property acquisitions. As your specialist commercial buyers’ agent, we show you how to avoid the pitfalls that can trap inexperienced investors. We provide expert advice based on up to date knowledge of the local area. We take the stress out of investing in commercial property helping you save- and make- thousands of dollars on your property.

Homburg Real Estate has history that dates back more than 100 years, with experience and knowledge passed through the generations. This experience as real estate agents, buying and managing commercial property has made us experts in indentifying a property’s true growth potential. Because we are on the ground buying every day, you can access properties before they hit the public market.

We are specialists in commercial real estate acquisitions, commercial property management, building and construction, leasing, renovations and redevelopment. Our local knowledge of commercial property is unique amongst realtors in South Australia. We provide thorough due diligence and identify potential problems before they become expensive mistakes.

Our clients are both new to commercial property investment and experienced. Most of them simply do not have the time or the market experience to look at every property available and do the research needed to establish each property’s investment potential. We are experts in exposing the positive ways to increase the value to your commercial investment and its yield.

We are in the market place every day liaising with other real estate agents, investors, builders, landlords, property valuers, conveyancers and councils. Our network of contacts combined with our local knowledge and years of experience allows us to make astute commercial property selections in all sectors across all areas that stand the best chance of increasing in value.

Some of our clients want expert property advice to get them started. A few choose their properties themselves and engage our services at the point of due diligence to negotiate and make sure the property has no hidden problems.

For the majority, we work with them from conception to settlement, and then go on to make even better returns on the property by using our commercial property management service.

You can choose the service level you need. Whatever stage of investment you are at, it pays to talk to Homburg Real Estate.